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The only good thing to do with lino

29 Feb

Thanks to the lovely Lynne of Tea for Joy for the tip-off on this one: Sheffield-based printmaker James Green. By James’s own admission the subject matter of his work is slightly random (check out his Folksy shop for urban landscapes, a psychedelic Victorian maid, and customers outside a Llandudno chip shop amongst other things). However it was his linocuts of British animals and birds that caught my eye.

{Prints from £12, all James Green}

You can take the girl out of the country, but you can’t take the country out of the girl! Which one would you pick?

Explore a stripped-back vintage home

27 Feb

I usually avoid posting house tours from the mighty Design*Sponge because I assume lots of you will have already seen them. However I loved this house so much I’m making an exception. It belongs to Philadelphia duo Tara Mangini and Percy Bright who run the Jersey Ice Cream Co (an online shop selling vintage furniture, not dairy treats).

I think what grabs me about this home is that despite being bang slap in the centre of Philadelphia, it has quite a European feel. Obviously this is a sweeping generalisation, but I often feel that the American approach to interior design can feel a bit too contrived for my British tastes. I love how this couple have revealed the fabric of the building in their renovation and decorated with reclaimed and vintage furniture in a way that feels honest and authentic.

The inspiration for the elegant grey room above was a photo of a panelled Parisian apartment. The couple set about recreating the look using reclaimed mouldings from an abandoned local school. The wooden floors are also salvaged from an old gymnasium.

My love of vintage maps as wall art shows no sign of abating.

It’s not often that a house with a damp problem is a good thing, but it did lead Tara and Percy to pull lots of the plaster from their walls exposing the lovely brick in several of the rooms. I’m very envious of all the light streaming into the first bedroom – note the shabby door headboard too.

One day, I will have an office / studio like this! I like the clothes peg and string memo board too. Another nice use of pegs below…

{all Tara Mangini via Design*Sponge & Jersey Ice Cream Co}

I don’t think I’ve seen blackboard paint used in a bathroom before. I think the way they’ve chalked up a simple all-over pattern to create a quirky kind of wallpaper is a great idea and a splash of yellow on grey never goes amiss.

If you’re loving this home too, you’ll find lots of similar vintage bits and pieces in the couple’s Etsy shop.

L is for Lace

24 Feb

In my humble opinion, a little lace is one of the prettiest things a girl can wear, but you don’t need to stop there. A length of lace ribbon, a handmade doily or a vintage lace tablecloth used as a throw will instantly soften a room scheme. Don’t overdo it – just a little here and there will strike the right note between pretty and prissy.

{Dear Musketeer via Pinterest}

{Keiko Oikawa via Pinterest}

{Style Me Pretty via Pinterest}

{Annaleena’s Hem via Pinterest}

As always, you can keep up with my Pinterest obsession by following my boards here or clicking the red button the the sidebar.

Have a lovely weekend peeps!

Things organised neatly

22 Feb

Depending on your position on the obsessive-compulsive spectrum, you’ll either get the appeal of this or you won’t.

{all via Things Organized Neatly}

Me? I used to colour code my Smarties as a child. That’s probably all you need to know.

Country style bathroom love

21 Feb

Bathrooms don’t usually get a lot of space here at Decorator’s Notebook but I just spied this one on Pinterest and it really floats my boat. It looks about the same size and layout of my bathroom – unfortunately I inherited one that was almost brand new when I moved in so I can’t really justify re-doing it. But if I did I’d love it to look like this…

{via Creamy Life via Pinterest}

I think what appeals to me is that it’s not actually decorated that much like a bathroom. No mosaic tiles (which I have in mine), no flourescent bathroom lighting (which I also have), no plastic sink unit (you’re getting the picture, right?). I love the natural touches too – the wood, the vintage taps and baskets. This is a bathroom that says ‘relaxing’ to me more than any ‘spa-like’ limestone clad room ever could.

PS – how are we all feeling about Pinterest recently? I notice that they’ve almost entirely divorced the images you pin from their source – the link that used to take you to the website/blog a picture was originally grabbed from has been replaced with an internal link and it takes a fair amount of perseverance to track the external link down. To me this is really naughty… having a clear link between image and source was one of the main things that made Pinterest useful and as someone who believes strongly in giving credit where credit’s due, I have real problems with the ethics of their most recent change. What do you think? What can we do about it?


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Probably the dreamiest bedroom in the world

20 Feb

Fellow white-lovers, prepare yourselves…

{all Taverne Agency via Campagne Décoration}

Where to start?

The original shutters? The beautifully battered floorboards? The crumpled linens? The lofty ceiling? The easy-as-pie vintage book wall art? The Deborah Bowness wallpapers? I think I could happily live in this one room alone and never want to leave!

The lucky girl who gets to sleep here is coiffed interior designer Lyn Gardener, the creative force behind Australian interiors shop Empire Vintage. I’m sure you’ll recognise snippets from the rest of her home too.

Join The Room Debate!

17 Feb

Welcome to the fourth Decorator’s Notebook Room Debate! I’ve found something a little bit different to get you thinking today…

It’s easy to take part. Just have a good look at the room photo below and leave a comment with your answers to these two questions:

One thing I like most about this room is…

One thing I like least about this room is…

{via Art & Décoration}

As always, I’ve kicked off the discussion in the comments. Meet you there and have a lovely weekend!

PS – if you’ve missed any of the previous Room Debates you’ll find them here.

Standin’ on your mama’s porch

15 Feb

A few weeks ago I came across Dear Photograph, a really touching photo project where people return to the exact place an old picture was taken then take another, capturing the past and present scene in one new image. Looking through, I was struck by how the outside of a house can be somewhere that so many memories are made and how the houses we grow up in stay with us all through our lives.

You’ll find the full Dear Photograph archive here – some joyful, some tinged with sadness and the occasional picture that stops you in your tracks.

What do you remember most about the houses you grew up in?

Sun, sea, sand & snow

13 Feb

When the hustle and bustle of London life is grinding you down, there’s nothing like wild open spaces to refresh and refocus. This weekend myself and two old friends escaped to a tiny village on the Norfolk coast for the weekend – it was the first time I’d visited the county (it’s a long way from my native Westcountry) and was blown away by how lovely it was.

And I’ve never seen snow on a beach before either!

We walked from the cottage to The Lifeboat Inn for lunch (smoked haddock risotto by the roaring fire – yum!) along the coastpath covered in snow and edged with iced dune grass.

That’s the Christmas card sorted!

Striped landscape of dunes, snow, sand and sea.

The ice-crystal-laced seaweed along the frozen tideline was so beautiful in the warm afternoon sun.

I loved how graphic the wooden sea defences looked zig-zagging through the snow as far as the eye could see.

{all Decorator’s Notebook}

On the walk back an eerie frozen fog descended and my hair actually froze… a very strange sensation I can tell you!

K is for Keys

10 Feb

Ever reading The Secret Garden when I was little, I’ve been fascinated with old keys, especially ones all on their own in junk shops and car boot sales with no clue as to what they might unlock.

K is for Keys

{Vintage Findings via Pinterest}

{Heather Bullard via Pinterest}

{Etsy via Pinterest}

{Ranch at San Patricio via Pinterest}

{Etsy via Pinterest}

I’m off to Norfolk for a weekend with two lovely friends… anyone know any good places for vintage shopping I should try?

Bon weekend!


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