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Confessions of an anonymous blogger

2 Jan

The new year has begun, I’ve turned over, and a crisp, clean page of Decorator’s Notebook is waiting to be filled. But as a naturally reflective person I’d be foolish not to spend a few moments reviewing lessons learned before I uncap my digital pen and let loose on that fresh new page.

You see, there’s something about my blog that’s bothered me since its very inception and nags away the back of my mind every time I write a new post.

Decorator’s Notebook is an anonymous blog.

Have you even noticed?

Frozen hair

The truth is, there’s really nothing exciting to hide (I’m no Belle de Jour) but when I first started writing Decorator’s Notebook I felt nervous about blurring the lines between my blog, my work and me. I started blogging because I wanted my own little creative space that was (selfishly) all mine. No editor, no deadlines, no brief. If I wanted to blog about something off-subject, I would. If I wanted a week off, I could. If I wanted a little rant, well…

But as time went on, I began to fall in love with the real pleasure of blogging… sharing with others… with you!

I absolutely love reading your comments and I cherish every single one. With so many things demanding our attention nowadays I feel honoured that anyone takes time from their day to let me know they’ve read my posts. The thing is, when I look through the list of people who have commented most, at the top are the few fellow bloggers I’ve been lucky enough to meet in person. The lovely Marianne, Michelle and the My Friend’s House girls are right up there.

Why’s that then, I wonder?

It might be because we have interests in common and blog about similar things. Or that we all live in or near London. But I bet that’s not it. It’s because to them I’m not a dragonfly logo. Because they know me as more than a corner of my face or a pair of disembodied feet. Connecting with people properly when you’re hiding (even if it’s for an honest reason) is tough and I sometimes feel like I’m letting my blog down by keeping those barriers up.

I’m not going to become one of those fascinating oversharers, or start posting photos of myself wafting around in my outfits every day. I just think it would be nice to have a proper author photo in my sidebar and sign off with my first name when I leave other bloggers comments every now and then. You never know, if I’m feeling daring I might even change my gravatar!

I know it might sound extreme to be agonising over all this, but the reality for me is even these small changes could be risky. But if it really matters to you, I finally feel confident enough to do it.  So the real question for you is this:

Do you feel you’d connect more with Decorator’s Notebook if you could put a name to a face?


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