Make a street-sweeper smile…

24 Oct

…get crafting with autumn leaves!


This is such a simple idea – cut and hem some cheap cotton squares, coat the underside of some shapely leaves with fabric paint and print (some paints need a quick iron to make them washable). I think the bunting is really cute but a tablecloth and napkins would be lovely too. A nice Christmas pressie perhaps?


I was endlessly collecting and pressing leaves and flowers when I was little to make into birthday cards… and I haven’t changed much! This is another slightly more grown-up project from the beautiful Sinnenrausch. I’d adapt it slightly and watercolour my own paint swatches and have a go at naming the colours myself, à la Sibella Court I think.

{via Design Sponge}

The step-by-step tutorial makes these maple leaf roses look easy, although I’m not quite convinced! I’d love to give it a try nonetheless and think a bunch of these would look great in my chunky rustic jug, or even strung together to make a garland.

I’m collecting my favourite craft ideas over on this Pinterest board – are you following yet?


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