The art of repetition

28 Nov

My very first blog post for Decorator’s Notebook was about my plans for a picture wall in my hallway. Eventually I want to get around to framing up some old black and white family photos and mixing in bits and pieces of ephemera and other vintage crip-crap that I’ve gathered over the years in an artistic jumble of images, shapes and sizes.

But there’s another kind of picture wall that’s been catching my eye recently. One that appeals to my inner organiser.

{via Desire to Inspire}

There’s something so pleasing about a themed display and I love how the repeated nude image pulls together all the various shapes, sizes and colours and frame styles. It’s an old design trick, but by keeping one element of a design the same you can vary all the others almost endlessly without losing the coherence of the overall look.

I did a life drawing evening class here a couple of years ago and but I have a feeling my sketches went astray in one of my house moves. I’m thinking a group of nudey ladies would look fab above my roll-top bath?


If nudes aren’t your thing, how about this floral-tastic picture wall instead? I flip past flowery prints like this all the time in charity shops, but grouped together even the naff ones start to look great. I even love how the frames aren’t hung straight… get something wrong with enough conviction and somehow you can get away with it!

{Better Homes & Gardens / Jennifer Lynne}

I used to adore these when I was little (and it appears the designs haven’t changed in 27 years) but who knew the humble paint-by-numbers could look so damned cool? It’s probably a bit sad to start doing them again as a grown woman but perhaps I could pay a few Cubs and Brownies to paint some for me… do they do ‘bob-a-job’ week anymore?

3 Responses to “The art of repetition”

  1. Michelle Y November 28, 2011 at 13:28 #

    Great idea. We have plenty of wall space but I am not sure that my housemate would approve.


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