Icy white table ideas

6 Feb

Brrrrrr! I’ve spent the weekend bundled up like a dormouse in a nest of blankets, but there’s nothing prettier than a landscape dusted with snow and laced with frost outside the window. This crisp white table by prop stylist Dietland Wolf seems the perfect choice just now. Just add comfort food…

{all Julia Hoersch styled by Dietland Wolf}

I love dried cow parsley heads. Growing up in the countryside they were everywhere but I need to try and hunt some out now I live in London… I need something to pop into my little bird vase and one of these would look cute and last a while too.


One Response to “Icy white table ideas”

  1. Marianne @ Nordic Bliss February 6, 2012 at 13:33 #

    This morning it was quite gray and dull when I drove to work, but last week it was the most beautiful glistening frosty landscape. Really made me smile. I don’t min the snow or the frost as long as the sun shines. Cow parsley is a favourite of mine as well. Love its structure. I haven’t seen any around our house I think, but we do have some daffodils that look quite unhappy covered in snow. Maybe I should take them inside :)

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