M is for Moroccan

9 Mar

If you follow me on Pinterest, you may have noticed that deciding on ‘M’ has caused me a few problems! There was a collection of magnolias, a meander into maps, one or two mirrors. But none of them quite formed the pleasing ensemble I aim for in this little A-Z series. So, in the end, I settled for this one – hope you like it…

M is for Moroccan:

{Ryad Dyor via Pinterest}

{A Creative Mint via Pinterest}

{Concept 2012 via Pinterest}

{West Elm via Pinterest}

{Interior Alchemy via Pinterest}

It’s the combination of pure simplicity and elaborate detailing that appeals to me about Moroccan style and I have a fair few touches in my home (this carved screen, white leather pouffe and embossed metal bowl for example) and I’m endlessly lusting after my very own Berber wedding blanket. If you love this look too, click for more Moroccan style rooms.

Have a lovely weekend!

One Response to “M is for Moroccan”

  1. Siobhan U March 9, 2012 at 12:20 #

    I love your collection! I have to say that Moroccan decor is on my favourites list. Well done :)

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