Decorate Easter eggs with natural dyes

4 Apr

My Mum always boils eggs wrapped in onion skins to give them a pretty colour for Easter breakfast. This idea takes it one step further…

{US Country Living}

In a nutshell (or should that be eggshell) all you do is secure a flower or leaf to each egg using material cut from a pair of thin tights. Then make your chosen natural dye using either onion skins, cranberries or red cabbage and splash of vinegar before boiling your eggs as usual (ask Delia) in the dye. Click here for full instructions. I think these looks so pretty and actually sound quite straightforward so I’d love to know if you try it.

I’d do it myself of course, but I’ll be spending the weekend under canvas in the Cotswolds so fear it might be a bit ambitious on a camping stove!


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