House tour: tumbledown hall brimming with history

24 Jan

Amazing Welsh country houses are like buses round these parts – wait and age and then two come along at once! This C16th hall is rather more tumbledown than the Snowdonian farmhouse I posted a few weeks ago, but is utterly spectacular in its own very special way.

whitewashed stone farmhouse wales

old wood panelled room

16th century welsh farmhouse

The wood-panelled dining room has hardly been touched in nearly 500 years and you can almost feel the walls wearily breathing history. Just imagine the feasting and tragedies that have taken place in these rooms over the ages.

old sixteenth century farmhouse beams

antique grandfather clock

old  derelict country house

old antique wood panelled room

I’ve posted about my reservations about rough luxe before, but there’s nothing trendy about this peeling plaster – this is the real deal. Is it wrong to like that calamine pink??

country house library books

country house bedroom welsh blanket

vintage country bedroom

Why is this bed so high?! I’m only 5’1″ and there’s no way I’d get up onto that for my forty winks – weren’t people shorter back in the olden days? I’ve spent a lot of time pondering Welsh blankets recently and I love the one in the first bedroom. In a home with very little pattern the traditional geometric design is especially eye catching.

stone farmhouse with geese in Wales{all Light Locations}

The hall is one of the latest additions to Light Locations‘ books, so you’re sure to see it featured on glossy pages or the silver screen soon.

3 Responses to “House tour: tumbledown hall brimming with history”

  1. beth soergel January 31, 2013 at 22:14 #

    I want to go there…

  2. Michelle January 25, 2013 at 10:29 #

    Great for a rustic week away reading Dylan Thomas and all that. Perhaps too rustic to stay permanently. But I could definitely take some of those welsh blankets home.

  3. Angella January 24, 2013 at 17:58 #

    That lofty library…ahhhh…perfect.

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