Should there be rules on the colour you can paint your house?

14 Aug

A little while back, this Devon cottage caused a bit of a kerfuffle round these parts…

pink house in devon{Mark Passmore via The Times}

Its owners have been ordered to tone down the shade they’ve chosen to paint their listed cottage on the basis that it was – well – ‘too pink’ to comply with planning regulations. It got me thinking about whether people should have the same freedom when choosing the colours for the outside of their home as they do for the inside. After all, in some areas a punchy paint job is celebrated and encouraged.

Take Tobermory for example…

Tobermory by Ken Gillies{Ken Gillies}

London’s Portobello Road…

brightly painted houses in notting hill gary pepper girl{Gary Pepper Girl}

Whitehead in Co. Antrim…

whitehead co antrim by John Maguire{John Maguire}

La Boca in Buenos Aires…

la boca buenos aires by Marissa Strniste{Marissa Strniste}

Seems to me, it’s all about gang mentality. If you can club together and get your neighbours to grab their brushes too, you can all be clashy and colourful together. But be the only one in the village and you’re likely to find yourself on the receiving end of disapproving glances and tutting in the local pub forevermore.

Personally, I was feeling all urban and liberal about the whole thing. Until, that is, I saw what they’d done with the pub in our local town which recently went from this…


To this…

the dolphin wellington mural{Decorator’s Notebook}


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