One day in cider country…

8 Oct

When I lived in London I used to subscribe to get a Riverford Organic veg box each week. I once told my parents about what a great idea it was, to which I got the reply “Why would we do that? We’ve got Tony!”

hand picking a red apple

apple orchard

If you follow Decorator’s Notebook on Instagram you’ll already have met Tony (aka The Vegetable Fairy), our nextdoor neighbour who leaves the pick of his homegrown produce on our doorstep most days. This weekend he popped round for a chat and invited us to help ourselves to apples from his orchard. We don’t need asking twice!

apple tree

This little tree was so laden it could hardly stand up. Lucky we were there to relieve it of some of its burden :-)

apples on a tree

lottie eating apples

We can see you Lottie! She was very impressed with these scrummy ‘balls’ lying all over the grass.

basket of freshly picked apples

There are loads of different apple varieties in Tony’s orchard but he claims not to know what any of them are so we just took a lucky dip and picked a few of each. The little red ones are my favourite – crisp and pure white inside with a little hint of sharpness.

top 5 apple recipes

{all Decorator’s Notebook Blog}

We gobbled a few straight from the tree but the rest are being saved up to make into puddings and cakes. I tried to narrow down my top five apple-based puds but it’s a lot harder than you think… what’s your favourite?

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