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Sorry Rudolph, I might be warming to this reindeer rug trend

19 Nov

reindeer rug decorating trend

reindeer skin throw on bench

reindeer skin rug

{via Reindeer Facts / Johanna Pilfalk / Koko Classics / Cox & Cox}

What do you think?

Decorating dilemma: is it wrong to take this with me when I move house?

10 Jun

Enamel house number 5{Decorator’s Notebook}

No, I’m not moving to another number 5, but since this little flat was my first home I feel like I’d quite like a souvenir.

And basically, I just think it would look rather nice on the wall in my new home. Or maybe the mantlepiece…

Bad manners?


Denim decor: yee-haa or yee-ouch?

11 Feb

The Scandinavians seem to be going mad for the double denim trend, making everything from cushions to rag rugs from the blue stuff. But I can’t make up my mind about whether it’s likely to take off over here…

Denim home interior trend{Bloomingville / HK Living}

So, denim decor: yee-haa or yee-ouch? Cast your vote in the comments, cowgirl…

Decorating dilemma: sheepskins on dining chairs

16 Jan

sheepskin dining chairs{via Uncovet / Rickshaw Design / Simply GroveLine Klein}

For the record, I’m generally against decorating with dead stuff. I abhor those cow hide rugs (the curling edges turn my stomach) and I can’t be doing with taxidermy since I saw a stuffed stoat with fleas. So there’s a strong possibility I’ve completely lost the plot with this one…

I really disliked these when I first saw them, but somehow sheepskin-covered dining chairs are starting to look rather appealing to me.

What do you think?

Have the plunging temperatures done something to my mind or is this yet another symptom of my softening tastes?

Answers on a postcard…

Decorating dilemma: house plants

22 Oct

At Design Junction a few weeks ago I caught up with the lovely Marianne from Nordic Bliss. We got talking about the differences between British and Scandinavian homes and she told me how much she misses seeing house plants in interiors now she lives in the UK

I had to confess that I put myself in with the house plant haters. They seem a little bit sad and dated to me – all ’70s macramé and  droopy spider plants. Straggling, dust-gathering, light-sapping, yellowing… depressing.

{via Apartment Therapy / Remain Simple}

But because I trust Marianne’s taste, I thought I’d hit the web in search of house plant ideas with a twist to see if I could find something to convert me.

{West Elm / Nova 68}

OK, so I think a nicely contained, straggle-free terrarium I could do – Fugu the goldfish had better watch his back! If you fancy having a go here’s a good terrarium how-to complete with suggestions for plants to try. I like the idea of a simple fern and moss combo best.

{via Apartment Therapy / Style Me Pretty / A Well Traveled Woman}

These dinky little succulents look nice and fresh too – no creepy plant limbs crawling over the windowsill here! And better still, succulent plants ‘thrive on neglect’ making them a perfect candidate for a lazy gardener like me.

And then, just when I thought I might’ve been converted…

{Boskke Sky Planter}


As My Friend would say: travesty.

Where do you stand on the whole house plant dilemma?

Decorator’s Notebook is 1 today!

17 Jul

One year ago today, I published my first blog post and Decorator’s Notebook was born!

{via The Sweetest Occasion}

A few things have happened over the last year. I became addicted to Pinterest. Decorator’s Notebook was mentioned in The Telegraph. My little flat has come along leaps and bounds.

But the biggest change has been my approach to my blog. When I first started I was happy to write it just for me, as a scrapbook of my ideas and a record of my achievements in my first home. But as people started reading and were sweet enough to leave me comments, I realised my blog wasn’t just for me anymore. I want Decorator’s Notebook to be for you, and me, and us all together!

So… as year two begins, please may I ask you a little favour?

Whether you’re a regular commenter or usually stay behind the scenes, it would be the best birthday present if everyone who visits today would take a moment to say “hello” and tell me:

What do you like best about Decorator’s Notebook?

Is there anything you’re not so keen on?

Are there any themes you’d like me to write about?

Thanks everyone!


Tin ceiling tiles: the answer to my living room dilemma?

3 Jul

So, the dilemma of what to hang above my sofa continues and eight months after I wrote this post the wall in question is exactly the same.

Until now. Well, perhaps.

{Pale & Interesting}

{Gigi & Flo}

I’ve seen a few rooms decorated with these lovely embossed panels on Pinterest but have only recently found out what they are and, therefore, how to search for them. They’re tin ceiling tiles that were used in grand old houses in the American south.

{via Lavender & Ash}

Needless to say, they’re rather too blingy for me when used as intended, but search out rusty painted ones, divide them up and beautiful, subtle wall art is born.

{via Dishfuntional Designs}

Some people have thought of clever alternative uses for them – they look gorgeous as cladding for these kitchen units in photographer Debi Treloar’s home and left shiny they make an unusual glam headboard.

{Debi Treloar}

{via Dishfunctional Designs}

So, what do you think? Would a collection of these look really great here? And if you agree, do you think I should go for a regular grid or a more haphazard display of different sized tiles above my sofa?

{Decorator’s Notebook}

The one where I impulse-buy a stripey carpet

21 May

Having a job that involves looking at beautiful houses with amazing interiors every day turns a person into the most annoying kind of decorator. The kind who spends hours boring their friends with their hunt for the perfect shade of grey paint. The kind who blogs and tweets about grand plans for their living room wall / bathroom / bedroom and does naff all about it. The kind who takes months, nay years, to choose anything.

In short, I am not an impulse buyer.  Never have been. So why, this Sunday, did I walk into a shop, pick out and pay for a carpet for my hallway in TEN MINUTES FLAT?

And not only that. Oh no, dear reader. Said carpet is bloody well STRIPEY!!!

{Crucial Trading}

It’s not even the one in the picture from a reputable supplier, but a random remnant my local carpet shop (down a grubby side road in Penge) found somewhere in Belgium.

I mean, Belgium…?

I think I need to go and have a lie down while you tell me if I’ve made a horrid mistake. Tell it to me straight… I deserve it.

Decorating dilemma: indoor olive trees

23 Apr

I don’t like house plants, I’m absolutely certain on that. So I really shouldn’t like these…

{via Just Pretty Things}


{Vosges Paris}

{House of Philia}

Apparently olive trees are “pretty low maintenance, great for someone who likes plants that don’t mind a little neglect.” Well, that someone sounds very like me, and I already have this plant pot from IKEA stashed away which would be just right.

Somehow these don’t feel like the traditional house plants I so dislike but am I losing the plot on this one? Will it just die? Will it just sit there gathering (shudder) dust? Is it just wrong to have a tree in a two-bed London flat? Have I just got carried away with the whole gardening malarky?

I need your help on this one blog friends!


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Colours for my bathroom: sensible vs mental

5 Mar

I’ve spoken about my bathroom dilemmas before. I think that inheriting a room that’s ‘fine’ but not quite to your particular taste makes decorating a real challenge, especially in bathrooms because changing the main components of the room is expensive and hard to justify if not strictly necessary. When I first viewed the flat the puffed-up estate agent proudly threw open the door and announced I was about to step into a “dream bathroom”. Needless to say, I do not agree!

At the moment the room is a lichen green colour with white/grey/black mosaic tiles, grey floor tiles, a plastic (?!) roll-top bath, corner shower cubicle and a vanity unit with built-in basin and loo.

{all Decorator’s Notebook}

As this is my first flat I need to keep my property developer head on in relation to any changes so it’s only really the paint and accessories I’ve got to play with as I’m unlikely to make my money back when I sell if I spend a lot on it. I have a bit of a head/heart dilemma going on…

Head: white walls and outside of the bath painted dark grey

{via Photobucket / Holly Jolliffe / Interior Alchemy / Pinterest / West Elm}

Heart: dark grey walls and outside of bath painted bright coral

{via The Pursuit Aesthetic / Shelter / The Inspired Room / Decor Chick}

So, what do you think? Which of these colour schemes do you think I should go for or do you think something else might work better? Do you think the more adventurous colours would put people off when I come to sell my flat? As you can see from the photos it’s not a particularly light room so I don’t know whether to fight it by painting it white or embrace it with dark walls.

I’m in a quandary so I’d love your help!

If you found my post interesting, please share it! Buttons below…

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