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Wish list: Cox & Cox

15 Sep

There are some shops that just make you go ahhhhh. For me, Cox & Cox is one of them and their lovely new autumn/winter range is no exception.

I think this industrial desk lamp has to be my top pick. This trend is all well and good, but if you’re not careful your home can end up looking more communist era Czech factory than cool warehouse loft. Add a little bleached wood into the mix and problem solved quicker than you can say bourgeoisie.

This colour has been citrine and sulphur in previous years… Cox & Cox are calling these bud vases golden olive and bungee. Golden olive I can live with, but kind of a colour is bungee?!

I love all things grey, so these rustic household candles have to be on my list. Pop over to the Cox & Cox website to compile yours.

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