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Story of a spade

9 Feb

Just a quick stop by today to show you a pair photographs by The Developing Photographer (aka my bro). I love the striking simplicity of the composition, the little story they tell and how the drying paving slabs show the passing of time between the first image and the second. They’re intended to be seen side-by-side as below, but they come up quite small so I’ve posted them individually too so you can see them more closely.

{all The Developing Photographer}

If you’re interested in photography – especially if you have a new DSLR and are learning how to get out of auto mode – it’s well worth visiting The Developing Photographer blog for project ideas and tutorials. Plus there’s a brilliant picture of a Chinese dragon!

Vintage shopping in Bologna

2 Jan

Just before Christmas my Mum and I bagged some £17 flights and headed to the lovely historic city of Bologna in Northern Italy for a few days. By happy coincidence our visit coincided with the twice-monthly flea market in the gorgeous square outside the church of Santo Stefano. Mum taught me pretty much everything I know about buying vintage tat, so the pair of us hot-footed it there straight after breakfast!

That’s the church in the background. I’ll take you inside later but let’s see what we can find on the stalls first shall we?

I love vintage packaging and these old razor blade packets caught my eye. Better than my plasticy Venus I thought!

Mum was tempted by this half-completed sampler, but it was a bit pricey.

You can walk 38km of Bologna’s streets under porticoes or arcades like the ones you can see in the background. Many have beautiful frescos painted inside the arches.

There were plenty of boxes of old photos, pictures, postcards and posters to rummage through. I especially liked this illustration of a circus ringleader training his prancing horses.

Lots of colourful shot glasses looking great displayed on a mirrored tray.

Baby Jesus, shepherds, kings and whatnot.

I loved the twirly font on these vintage name-tapes, all tied up with bright elastic bands.

I really want to create a display wall of pictureless frames (something like this) and could’ve got them all on this stall. Damn the Easyjet baggage allowance!

The Basilica Di Santo Stefano is actually not one church but a collection of seven churches and other religious buildings dating from different periods.

In the middle of all the buildings there’s a lovely courtyard with lots more of those porticoes around the edge.

Pretty much everything was, well, pretty. Even the bricks in the walls.

{all Decorator’s Notebook}

Oh, and here are some colour coded buttons I forgot to put in with the other flea market photos. I know you guys will appreciate this sort of thing!

My family album

17 Jul

Friends sometimes think it’s strange that I don’t have a single photograph on display in my flat. I’ve generally thought that walls of smiling faces are for people with kids – the kind of people who like those ultra-bright canvases where family members sit around on a white floor pointing their bare feet towards the camera. “Look at us, we’re soooo unbelievably relaxed about this!”


A couple of weeks ago it was my Grandad’s 80th birthday and everyone chipped in to make a This Is Your Life style album full of photos from the family archive, most of which I’d never seen. They couldn’t be further from those garish canvases and I can’t get enough of them.

Here’s my Grandad (helpfully marked with an X – perhaps he thought he might forget which one he was!) in the Lampeter College tennis squad in the early ’50s. What jolly chaps!

This is the 1948 family holiday to Christchurch with my Grandad on the left, along with my Great Aunt, Great Grandmother and Great Grandad. That pipe’s a regular feature of the album. He managed to lose it for the engagement and wedding photos but was firmly back in place by the time he and my Grandmother arrived in Jersey for their honeymoon.

Nice quiff Grandad.

{Family photos all Decorator’s Notebook}

That wedding dress remind you of anyone’s?

So, I’ve decided to have some of these photos framed and turn the wall above the stairs into a little gallery. Of course, like anything involving a feature wall in my flat, I’m now faced with a heap of different photo display ideas to decide between. This diagram is a bit mind boggling, but it’s a good place to start and shows just how many different options there are.

{Via Hubpages}

{Via Sawdust & Paper Scraps}

The crispness of this is appealing, but I quite like the idea of mixing in a few other vintage bits and bobs I’ve got lying around too. Ooh, these are nice…

{Via Design Amour / Decor8}

I have a tendency to be a bit lax when it comes to getting this framed, so I like the idea of sticking or pinning some things up without having to bother. Jumbling up things of all shapes and sizes gets around the weird angles of the wall I’ve got to work with too. Now I just need to get hold of a load of frames. This could take some time.

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