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The new yellow and grey?

4 Mar

Could it be?

green and grey textiles

{via Skona Hem}

grey and green interior

{via Design Sponge}

green industrial light in grey bedroom

{via The Design Files}


Colours for my bathroom: sensible vs mental

5 Mar

I’ve spoken about my bathroom dilemmas before. I think that inheriting a room that’s ‘fine’ but not quite to your particular taste makes decorating a real challenge, especially in bathrooms because changing the main components of the room is expensive and hard to justify if not strictly necessary. When I first viewed the flat the puffed-up estate agent proudly threw open the door and announced I was about to step into a “dream bathroom”. Needless to say, I do not agree!

At the moment the room is a lichen green colour with white/grey/black mosaic tiles, grey floor tiles, a plastic (?!) roll-top bath, corner shower cubicle and a vanity unit with built-in basin and loo.

{all Decorator’s Notebook}

As this is my first flat I need to keep my property developer head on in relation to any changes so it’s only really the paint and accessories I’ve got to play with as I’m unlikely to make my money back when I sell if I spend a lot on it. I have a bit of a head/heart dilemma going on…

Head: white walls and outside of the bath painted dark grey

{via Photobucket / Holly Jolliffe / Interior Alchemy / Pinterest / West Elm}

Heart: dark grey walls and outside of bath painted bright coral

{via The Pursuit Aesthetic / Shelter / The Inspired Room / Decor Chick}

So, what do you think? Which of these colour schemes do you think I should go for or do you think something else might work better? Do you think the more adventurous colours would put people off when I come to sell my flat? As you can see from the photos it’s not a particularly light room so I don’t know whether to fight it by painting it white or embrace it with dark walls.

I’m in a quandary so I’d love your help!

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