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Sorry Rudolph, I might be warming to this reindeer rug trend

19 Nov

reindeer rug decorating trend

reindeer skin throw on bench

reindeer skin rug

{via Reindeer Facts / Johanna Pilfalk / Koko Classics / Cox & Cox}

What do you think?

Decorating dilemma: is it wrong to take this with me when I move house?

10 Jun

Enamel house number 5{Decorator’s Notebook}

No, I’m not moving to another number 5, but since this little flat was my first home I feel like I’d quite like a souvenir.

And basically, I just think it would look rather nice on the wall in my new home. Or maybe the mantlepiece…

Bad manners?


Decorating dilemma: house plants

22 Oct

At Design Junction a few weeks ago I caught up with the lovely Marianne from Nordic Bliss. We got talking about the differences between British and Scandinavian homes and she told me how much she misses seeing house plants in interiors now she lives in the UK

I had to confess that I put myself in with the house plant haters. They seem a little bit sad and dated to me – all ’70s macramé and  droopy spider plants. Straggling, dust-gathering, light-sapping, yellowing… depressing.

{via Apartment Therapy / Remain Simple}

But because I trust Marianne’s taste, I thought I’d hit the web in search of house plant ideas with a twist to see if I could find something to convert me.

{West Elm / Nova 68}

OK, so I think a nicely contained, straggle-free terrarium I could do – Fugu the goldfish had better watch his back! If you fancy having a go here’s a good terrarium how-to complete with suggestions for plants to try. I like the idea of a simple fern and moss combo best.

{via Apartment Therapy / Style Me Pretty / A Well Traveled Woman}

These dinky little succulents look nice and fresh too – no creepy plant limbs crawling over the windowsill here! And better still, succulent plants ‘thrive on neglect’ making them a perfect candidate for a lazy gardener like me.

And then, just when I thought I might’ve been converted…

{Boskke Sky Planter}


As My Friend would say: travesty.

Where do you stand on the whole house plant dilemma?

Decorating dilemma: indoor olive trees

23 Apr

I don’t like house plants, I’m absolutely certain on that. So I really shouldn’t like these…

{via Just Pretty Things}


{Vosges Paris}

{House of Philia}

Apparently olive trees are “pretty low maintenance, great for someone who likes plants that don’t mind a little neglect.” Well, that someone sounds very like me, and I already have this plant pot from IKEA stashed away which would be just right.

Somehow these don’t feel like the traditional house plants I so dislike but am I losing the plot on this one? Will it just die? Will it just sit there gathering (shudder) dust? Is it just wrong to have a tree in a two-bed London flat? Have I just got carried away with the whole gardening malarky?

I need your help on this one blog friends!


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