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V is for Vignettes

3 Aug

This is a funny old term – photographically speaking, vignetting is a very particular technique, but in the world of interiors it’s come to refer to a close-up composition of objects, usually on a shelf or table. To be honest, what I’d prefer to call a straightforward detail shot. But for the purposes of this alphabetical series, we’re going for the more pretentious definition! And that’s why…

V is for Vignettes

{Louise Rastall via my Pinterest boards}

{via 79 ideas via my Pinterest boards}

{via Pretty Stuff via my Pinterest boards}

{via Berengia via my Pinterest boards}

{Holmberg via my Pinterest boards}

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Have a wonderful weekend one and all!

A bunch of flowers

13 Jun

It’s no secret that I love flowers and I love organising. If you’re similarly inclined, you’ll appreciate the beauty in today’s post!

These pretty overhead photos and flower menus were produced by Krista Jon to help brides-to-be choose flowers that fit their wedding colours, but I think they’re useful for anyone picking blooms for their home or a special occasion.

Whenever I feel fedup about work I daydream about re-training as a florist and opening a little flower shop in a picturesque market town somewhere. Perhaps with a teashop and vintage interior shop on the side too. Maybe one day…

{Krista Jon via Wedding Chicks}

Click for the full selection of wedding flower colour charts and some other lovely bouquet ideas.

Glorious gladioli

3 Aug

I don’t get why some people are snobby about gladioli – I think they’re beautiful!

{Decorator’s Notebook}

(I don’t want anyone to think I’m above all flower snobbery. Gerbera have no business in my house.)

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