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Food Week II: Desserts for Breakfast

27 Jun

I was won over by Desserts for Breakfast by its name alone… and even better, the content totally lives up to the title. One warning though, those without a sweet tooth should look away now!

plumcake-dessers for breakfast blog

pink grapefruit and rosemary desserts for breakfast blog

grapefruitcake-desserts for breakfast blog

peach ice cream sandwiches desserts for breakfast blog

First of all, the light in Stephanie’s pictures is just beautiful and her flavour combinations are always right up my street. Lots of delicious fruits with a tempting twist of herbs or booze… Grapefruit, Rosemary and Olive Oil Cake; Honey-Meyer Lemon Pound Cake with Chamomile Glaze; Plum, Rosemary, and Brandy Cake… should I go on? I love her travel photography too.


ice cream bar san francisco

shelves with cutlery and crockery

Sadly most of the amazing looking eateries Stephanie visits are in her native US, but if I ever make it to San Francisco I will make Desserts for Breakfast my constant companion when hunting places to eat.


lovecrumbs-edinburgh{all Stephanie Shih for Desserts for Breakfast}

She did visit Edinburgh recently though and I shall definitely pop along to Lovecrumbs next time I go. The interior looks so pretty with its jam jars and milk bottles.

So, if you’re looking for cakes and treats for breakfast or otherwise) you’ll be salivating over today’s Food Week pick… find Desserts for Breakfast here.

Food Week II: Local Milk

26 Jun

I discovered Local Milk through Pinterest where I follow photographer Beth Kirby religiously. She has wonderful taste… obviously a good thing for a food blogger!

table decorated with cacti local milk blog

cacti table centrepiece

Now it’s no secret round these parts that I love a styled table and one of the things I most like about Beth’s blog is that she not only shows delicious food, she shows lovely ideas for serving it too. I’d love to have a rummage through her props box!

cake decorated with flowers Local Milk blog

asparagus and poached egg local milk blog

There’s always something homely and poetic about Beth’s pictures and words, especially when she features recipes local to her native Tennessee, like this cornbread.  Every now again though she posts about her travels too. I can only dream of one day taking photos like these, from her recent visit to Dublin. Check out that light!

dublin library

spiral staircase dublin library

restaurant in dublin local milk blog{all Beth Kirby for Local Milk}

To lose a few hours to Beth’s beautiful blog, visit Local Milk. To lose the rest of the month, visit her inspirational Pinterest boards.

Food week II: Top With Cinnamon

25 Jun

A lot of food blogs take themselves pretty seriously, which is a bit strange when people who read and write them would probably say that cooking should be fun. That’s why I love Izy’s Top With Cinnamon so much. Not only does she have the beautiful photography a great food blog must, she makes me laugh too!

how-to-make-doughnuts-top with cinnamon

Oat-Lemon-Poppy-Seed-Layer-Cake- top with cinnamon

When I first came across Top With Cinnamon I found myself thinking how refreshing it was. For starters, there are the great little gifs and videos scattered through the recipes and the honest writing style. Izy addresses burning cookery conundrums like “Why did you not tell me it would start spitting molten-hot-sugar-goo at my face?” and even makes that oh-so-rare food blogger admission “I’m SO HUNGRYYY”. But before I tell you the most amazing thing about Izy, let me try and distract you with some scrumptious gif action…


anigifSo, the most amazing thing about Izy is that she’s only 17!!! And, she’s been writing Top With Cinnamon since she was 15! I swear, if it wasn’t for the chipped nail polish and the fact she uses ‘OMFG’ you’d never know ;-)

baked eggs

Beer-Breadsticks-recipe{all Izy Hossack for Top With Cinnamon}

The youth of today eh? Next time someone says they’re all slobbing about being NEETS I suggest you direct them here. And regardless, that you go now because this Food Week entry is an absolute treat, however old you are.

T is for Tea

6 Jul

Trust me, you don’t want to meet me until I’ve had a cup of tea in the morning. Especially on a Friday.

So let’s get on with it shall we?

{via Wit & Design via my Pinterest boards}

{Le Pétrin via my Pinterest boards}

{Selina Lake via my Pinterest boards}

{via 79 ideas via my Pinterest boards}

{Honey & Jam via my Pinterest boards}

Ah, that’s better!

Food Week: Fig & Fauna

28 Jun

A little-known fact for you…

My very first career ambition was to be a farmer’s wife.

My four year old self based this decision on one thing and one thing only: that this would give me the chance to hand-milk a cow. At 28, I’ve still never had the chance to milk a cow but I still quite fancy it, provided that marrying a farmer doesn’t have to be part of the package.

I suspect this slightly odd part of my history explains why I love Fig & Fauna so much.

In 2011 Megan and Michael Martin sold their home in the suburbs and bought a 3.5 acre smallholding in South Florida where they could pursue their dream of growing, cooking and selling natural produce. On new year’s day 2012 they started Fig & Fauna to record everyday life on the farm and share their favourite recipes.

The magic of Fig & Fauna is that it’s as much about the growing, harvesting and gathering of the ingredients as what’s done with them. We always had chickens, ducks and sometimes geese when I was growing up and I don’t think you ever get over the little flutter of excitement you get when opening the nesting boxes and finding a still warm egg inside.

As you’d expect, all of the recipes you’ll find here are seasonal, wholesome and sound absolutely delicious. I’d love to try this carrot marmalade and this strawberry and honey galette looks to die for. I’m also still stockpiling polenta recipes (I hosted a The Help themed book group recently and have lots leftover from baking cornbread muffins) so tomato and polenta pie could be on the cards too, although bought tomatoes are never a patch on homegrown.

{all Fig & Fauna / Rose Estelle Martin}

I strongly suggest you pull on your wellies, grab a basket and go and explore Fig & Fauna here… there are also some lovely photos Aran from Cannelle et Vanille took when she visited here!

Food Week: Simply Breakfast

27 Jun

So, breakfast.

The most important meal of the day or an unwelcome intrusion on your beauty sleep?

I have a mixed relationship with breakfast… during the week I’m the latter, at weekends the former. But whatever mood I’m in, I love an overhead photograph of it. Fortunate, considering that’s pretty much all you’ll find at Simply Breakfast.

Blogger Jennifer Causey is a professional lifestyle photographer, but shoots her morning meal each day for fun. Almost always overhead, always beautifully styled and always something 100% more exciting than my weekday Weetabix.

There’s something so pleasing to me about the concept of this blog and Jen’s beautifully understated photographs and minimal wordiness. You’ll find the odd recipe, snippet of insight and some really fascinating lists under the tabs at the top of the page (New York, gear, cookbooks…) but for the most part the pictures are left to speak quietly for themselves.

{all Jennifer Causey / Simply Breakfast}

One final thing… I often have trouble convincing others that crumble is the ultimate breakfast food so was delighted to find an ally in Jennifer. Trust me, dollop on Greek yogurt and try it. You’ll never look back.

Food Week: Sprinkle Bakes

26 Jun

I discovered Sprinkle Bakes via Tori of Wellies & Vogue. Or rather, her Mum who made this show-stopping jewel cake. Today’s food blog could hardly be more different from yesterday’s… while What Katie Ate is all about good, honest recipes photographed in a sophisticated way, at Sprinkle Bakes novelty, experimentation and food colouring is king.

I suspect that baker and blogger Heather Baird might’ve been told not to play with her food as a child and Sprinkle Bakes is a most glorious rebellion. Need a recipe for Flaming Baked Alaska? Peanut and Honey Pupcakes (cupcakes for puppies, obv)? Christmas Candy Coal? You’ve come to the right place!

Heather must spend hours preparing and decorating every single one of her recipes – the strap line to her cookbook is “dessert recipes to inspire your inner artist” and everything is created like a miniature masterpiece. If Willy Wonka was a baker rather than a chocolate maker, I think his factory would look a little something like this… a candy coloured world of pure imagination!

{all Heather Baird / Sprinkle Bakes}

Will I ever make any of these treats? I very much doubt it – I have neither the skill nor the patience – but I absolutely love browsing Sprinkle Bakes just to soak up all the dazzling ideas.

Food Week: What Katie Ate

25 Jun

If I’m ever lucky enough to visit Australia, What Katie Ate will be one of my first stops when compiling my ‘places to eat’ list. Originally from Dublin, food photographer and stylist Katie Quinn Davies is now based Down Under, where she has a string of impressive magazine credits and a forthcoming cookbook to her name. As well as a beautiful blog of course.

I don’t claim to be an expert on food photography, but there does seem to be a bit of a trend towards light, bright, candy-coloured images at the moment, so I like the contrast of Katie’s moody, atmospheric style. I love the relaxed styling and rustic propping too. Every picture makes we want to grab a spoon and beg to be allowed to jump in!

I think that anyone with a decent camera and good light could do a passable job of making puddings and desserts look appetising, but what makes Katie’s photography stand apart for me is the way she makes less dainty dishes look delicious too. Roasted meat, hearty pies, chunky casseroles… ‘man food’ if you will. Katie proves that tastiness doesn’t have to mean prettiness and I really admire that about her work.

Mouth watering yet? There’s sooo much more over at What Katie Ate – I’ll definitely be popping back to give her recent American special post some extra attention – the mix of food, lifestyle and travel photography is really striking.

{all Katie Quinn Davies / What Katie Ate}

Friday, I’m in love…

16 Dec

{A Beautiful Mess}

… with mulling stuff. Wine. Cider. Apple juice. Everything.

… with this adorable idea for sweet canapes

… with the wonderous (or should that be odorous?) stench of the most Christmassy shop in all of London town

… with vintage labels for my homemade sloe gin

… with eating, drinking and being merry from now until January!

Bon weekend!

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