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My perfect hallway (just add dog)

11 Apr

I found this gorgeously grey country style hallway on Pinterest a while ago, but didn’t share it because I struggled to find the original source. I’ve now tracked it down (I should’ve guessed really – it’s the wonderful Ben Kendrick and Brent Darby for Country Living) so can post it last and we can all drool over it together.

country style hallway with tongue and groove{Brent Darby for Country Living}

I love it all – the contrast of the soft grey and red brick, the rough linen bench cushion, the touches of seagrass and rattan. It will be many moons before I have any hope of having my dream country home (although I’m happy to report I’m one baby step closer) but when I do, I would love to welcome my visitors into a hallway like this. All that’s missing is a dog!

The one where I impulse-buy a stripey carpet

21 May

Having a job that involves looking at beautiful houses with amazing interiors every day turns a person into the most annoying kind of decorator. The kind who spends hours boring their friends with their hunt for the perfect shade of grey paint. The kind who blogs and tweets about grand plans for their living room wall / bathroom / bedroom and does naff all about it. The kind who takes months, nay years, to choose anything.

In short, I am not an impulse buyer.  Never have been. So why, this Sunday, did I walk into a shop, pick out and pay for a carpet for my hallway in TEN MINUTES FLAT?

And not only that. Oh no, dear reader. Said carpet is bloody well STRIPEY!!!

{Crucial Trading}

It’s not even the one in the picture from a reputable supplier, but a random remnant my local carpet shop (down a grubby side road in Penge) found somewhere in Belgium.

I mean, Belgium…?

I think I need to go and have a lie down while you tell me if I’ve made a horrid mistake. Tell it to me straight… I deserve it.

Storage in yellow and grey

21 Mar

Three little words that make my eyes light up! Cast yours over these lovely ideas for a bright and organised hallway from Swedish mag, Drömhem & Trädgård.

1950s larders like this crop up all the time on eBay – I like them because they tend to be fairly narrow so are perfect for slotting into alcoves. Even the really tatty ones can be made over with a lick of paint,  new handles and a scrap of bright wallpaper on the back of the shelf. Personally I’d have used something a bit bolder here – the summery Cow Parsley by Cole & Son perhaps?

I’m fairly sure this display cubby is made from a PRÄNT plywood storage box from IKEA fixed to the wall by its base and lined with pretty paper. I have several of these boxes for my filing but hadn’t thought to use them like this.

{all Drömhem & Trädgård}

I’m a big fan of these wire storage baskets – in my dreams I’ll have a dedicated craft room with Kilner jars of colour-coded buttons and ribbons, and fabric swatches folded beautifully into baskets like these. A girl can but dream.

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