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The Makers Project: meet Brooklyn’s beautiful creatives

5 Nov

I’m fascinated by photo projects and am always intrigued by the niche subjects people choose. Kinfolk magazine (my new obsession) led me to The Makers Project by Brooklyn-based photographer Jennifer Causey. Jennifer has made it her mission to capture the creative goings-on on her doorstep. From painters and florists to perfumers and distillers, she’s recorded the relaxed beauty of the people, their products and places of work.

It was a struggle to pick one maker to showcase here because each photo story has its own beauty and charm, but I loved the simplicity of this profile of woodworker Ariele Alasko. She started off studying sculpture and now works full time crafting headboards, tables and breadboards from salvaged wood gathered from buildings being pulled down in her neighbourhood.

In between stints in her workshop Ariele also manages to write the very lovely Brooklyn to West blog (check out the about page for a sneak peek of her apartment), fit out an extremely cool restaurant and sell her wares.

{all Jennifer Causey / The Makers}

The Makers Project website is a pretty addictive so I strongly suggest you while away an hour or two flipping through Jennifer’s photo stories. You can read more about why she started the project in Kinfolk volume five which I’ve recently discovered is available through this trusty online outlet. Kinfolk fans of the UK rejoice!

Me in three…

12 Oct

I’m at a turning point at the moment and there is so much recharging, thinking and planning to do this weekend. These three photos encapsulate how I feel right now.

There’s something exciting on the horizon… will you come along with me?

{via View Your World}

{Shakespeare quote via Pinterest}

{Christian Kluge via Kinfolk}

Have a wonderful one.

Love DN xxx

Saturday morning

27 Aug

time to myself

breakfast in bed

a postcard from Provence

remembering my travels

{all Decorator’s Notebook}

Summer table style for under 50p

14 Aug

You can’t even buy a Twirl for less than 50p nowadays.

But snap up a pack of cheap ELLY tea towels from IKEA (£1.99 for 4) and you can create a simple summer table setting like this, as seen in the very lovely Kinfolk magazine.

{Lisa Warninger and Chelsea Fuss via Kinfolk}

Sometimes the simplest and cheapest ideas really are the best. You could easily create something similar with things you already have lying around the house… here are a few more instant tricks to pretty up a table:

  • Put handful of hedgerow flowers into jam jars and tin cans or buy potted herbs and wrap the pots with white muslin, brown paper or even old newspaper, secured with a length of ribbon
  • Instead of laying the table formally, tie cutlery into sets with a scrap of leftover fabric or natural twine. Add a luggage tag for a placecard
  • Use an offcut of wallpaper as a colourful runner down the centre of a long table. The ends will naturally curl round to keep the paper in place and you can throw it in the recycling when you’re done
  • Hang candles over the table to free up space. Wind wire around the top of a glass jar, make a loop over the top and pop a tealight inside. These make sweet hanging vases too
  • Mismatched cutlery and crockery will add understated style – keep and eye out at car boot sales and charity shops. Or, pick up basic white plates at supermarkets and discount shops and add detail elsewhere
  • Why not follow my Pinterest board Tables and Party Time for more ideas and inspiration?
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