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Wait! 5 ways to decorate with fairy lights all year round

6 Jan

As soon as the decorations come down on Twelfth Night it always seems to me that a previously homely house looks suddenly bare. It’s just too depressing! So whilst I don’t suggest we become strange Christmas people who never take down their tree and eat turkey 365 days of the year, I am going to wriggle free from the grip of superstition just a little by offering a few mildly rebellious ideas to enjoy the magical twinkle of fairy lights in your home, whatever the season. Will you join me?

Fairy lights over bed curtains

{via we Heart It}

four poster bed with fairy lights

{Photograph: Leela Cyd}

photographs clipped onto fairy lights

{via PB Teen}

Single string of fairy lights

{Photograph: Jeska Hearne}

workspace office with fairylights

{Photograph: Michelle Halford}

I’m also considering rebranding my Christmas wreath as “winter wreath” to avoid taking it down… or perhaps that’s a step to far?

3 best upcyled lighting ideas

20 Aug

upcycled colander wall lights

upcycled bowler hat wall lights

upcycled metal bucket ceiling light{all Decorator’s Notebook}

All spotted during my recent trip to Yeo Valley Farm with the lovely crew from This is Your Kingdom.

Light’s up, light’s up

30 Apr

I’ve lived in my little flat for two years now. For the first six months the living room was lit by a bare bulb in the middle of the room. When I couldn’t stand that anymore, I invested a whole £6.75 in a string drum shade from Wilkinson. Needless to say, this was not quite the look I was going for…

I’m lucky to have lovely high Victorian ceilings so wanted a light that would be big and beautiful – a statement light, if you don’t mind the term. However, as with pretty much everything in my home, I had trouble finding a design I liked enough to commit. And so the £6.75 lampshade stayed. And stayed. And stayed.

Until… after much internal deliberation, I finally took the plunge and bought this punched metal pendant light last week. Apologies for the drunken photo angle – I was balancing on the back of my sofa:

It’s called the Shian pendant light and is from BHS. I’d been watching it for a while online – it was reduced from £190 to £152 and then when I spotted a voucher for another 25% off on Twitter, I decided to go for it. It set me back £114 in the end.

I like how it ties in with the other Moroccan elements of my living room (this carved screen and this embossed bowl) and how the detailing is intricate but still quite geometric. It’s not too fussy or ‘pretty’.

{all Decorator’s Notebook}

A friend suggested I get a light bulb with a silver bottom which was a great tip as it means you don’t have that horrid exposed bulb thing when you look up and it also bounces the light upwards which casts a beautiful pattern on the ceiling.

So what do you think? Do you like it? Do you think it’s a bit too wrecking ball-esque?

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