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Mood of the moment… last days of summer

30 Aug

late summer moodboard by Decorator's Notebook blog

Fairytale Lullaby Bombay Bicycle Club


{LISTEN Bombay Bicycle Fairytale Lullaby}

Pictures curated by Bethan, music selected by Joe. We hope you enjoy our picks and they set the mood for a relaxed weekend… soak up these last days of watery summer sunshine.

Mood of the moment… Kerala calling

14 Jun

Kerala Calling moodboard by Decorator's Notebook

Kerala Calling moodboard by Decorator's Notebook


{LISTEN 6 Day Riot We Want You}

Welcome to our new blog series. Pictures curated by Bethan, music selected by Joe. We hope you enjoy it and it gets you in the mood for a beautiful weekend x

Do whatever it takes…

16 Apr

David Bowie as Ziggy Startdust Masayoshi Sukita

{Masayoshi Sukita}

Beg. Borrow. Steal. Join.

Whatever it takes, you have to get yourself a ticket to David Bowie Is at the V&A.

Obviously, I was always going to love it, but I loved it even more than that!

E is for Ephemera

11 Nov

Collecting ephemera is hoarding for the spatially challenged. The catch-all phrase encompasses any scrips and scraps of paper that probably should’ve found their way into the bin at some point in their history. Whether it’s a cute font or a trace of pattern that catches my eye, it’s rare for me to leave a car boot or flea market without a little scrap of something sneaking into my shopping bag.

{Oh Hello Friend via Pinterest A-Z}

{This Sweet Home via Pinterest A-Z}

{Etsy via Pinterest A-Z}

{Life By Hand via Pinterest A-Z}

For me the best bit is that even when I’ve filled Le Flat to bursting I’ll always be able to squeeze one more battered music score, faded map, crumpled ticket stub or deckle-edged postcard into my craft box. I mean, just imagine the CP (Crafting Potential) of this lot!

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