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Time for the picture round… a quiz!

4 Mar

I have a reputation amongst my friends and family for being the least competitive individual on the planet. They’re nearly right, except I love a quiz!

So I’m kicking off the week with a little treat for you (well ok, me). Litographs make lovely posters where the design is made up from the complete text of the book it depicts.

But can you work out which books these are?

Book poster made from words Litographs1

Poster made from words of book2

Image made from words of book3

Book poster made from words by Litographs4

Balloon picture made from words of book5

Answers in the comments – or cheat and buy one of these for yourself by visiting the Litographs website.

Intricate illustrations by Claire Scully

18 Apr

I have a habit of leaving my computer logged into Decorator’s Notebook so I usually miss the thumbnail links on the WordPress Freshly Pressed page. Today though, my laptop took it upon itself to log me out of it’s own accord… fortuitously as it happened as I discovered these.

One click took me to The Flood, an interesting digital art magazine and from there to British illustrator, Claire Scully. There are a few different styles of work in her portfolio but it was her Bejewelled series that caught my eye.

Each illustration is an intricate web of geometric shapes – to me they look almost like lacework or crochet. You can tell that a huge amount of patience and concentration went into making them.

There’s a slightly folkloric edge to the way the animals and birds are drawn – I think it’s the blend of the graphic design and pretty detailing that appeals to me.

{all Claire Scully}

See more in Claire Scully’s portfolio… while you’re there click on the Nature Drawings category too. Her feather and tree root drawings are lovely.

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