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Simple pleasures: blue and white china

17 Oct

It’s a funny feeling when you catch your own tastes changing.

I used to be a white bedding and white china only girl but recently I’ve found worn striped and floral bedlinen calling me and a taste for fussy willow pattern crockery has been creeping up on me for a while now. I think it was Lobster & Swan‘s lunch photos that started it and now Michelle’s car boot stash has got my vintage-hunter’s fingers itching again.

{both Michelle Young / MYCreative}

I really like how Michelle’s styled the simple blue and white china on such a boldly patterned and contrasting fabric – not an obvious choice, but there’s something rather appealing in the clash!

Check out MY Creative for more photographic goodness – this recent farm shop jaunt is one of my favourites.

If you go down to the woods today

15 Oct

A former editor of mine once informed me that only stylists have picnics.

Of course I disagree… but an autumn picnic on a hanging table with real glasses and silver candlesticks in the middle of a woodland glade?

Yeah ok. I’ll give her that one.

Whimsical yes, but tell me you wouldn’t want one of these in your garden?!

{Chia Chong via Salted & Styled}

If you’re into food blogs I highly recommend you check out Salted & Styled*. It’s new to me and they’ve done something that feels really innovative by using one star ingredient as the springboard for a week’s worth of recipes, profiles, styling ideas, lifestyle photography, illustration and video.

* A warning to the vegetarians / squeamish amongst you… this link contains some cute bunnies shown in a way you might not enjoy so much!

Z is for Zinc

28 Sep

Wow, can you believe we actually made it! When I kicked off this series in September last year with A is for Aran we Pinterest fans were in the vanguard. Now it’s the third largest social network in the world and there are more than 20 million of us pinning and re-pinning like crazy people. I wonder how long it will be until ‘repin’ makes it into the Oxford English Dictionary!

So finally, ladies and gentlemen…

Z is for Zinc

{via Svenngården via my Pinterest boards}

{G-Style via my Pinterest boards}

{Salted & Styled via my Pinterest boards}

{via Grange de Charme via my Pinterest boards}

{Dreamy Whites via my Pinterest boards}

I’m going to miss this little Pinterest A-Z series and I hope you’ve enjoyed it and found some inspiration for your own Pinterest boards along the way – you can review the whole series here.

Thankfully my Pinterest obsession doesn’t stop here so why not follow Decorator’s Notebook’s boards for daily ideas, inspiration and visual loveliness?

Have a wonderful weekend!

K is for Keys

10 Feb

Ever reading The Secret Garden when I was little, I’ve been fascinated with old keys, especially ones all on their own in junk shops and car boot sales with no clue as to what they might unlock.

K is for Keys

{Vintage Findings via Pinterest}

{Heather Bullard via Pinterest}

{Etsy via Pinterest}

{Ranch at San Patricio via Pinterest}

{Etsy via Pinterest}

I’m off to Norfolk for a weekend with two lovely friends… anyone know any good places for vintage shopping I should try?

Bon weekend!

Something old in something new

19 Jan

I’ve had a handful of vintage clock faces and broken bone dominoes in a bag, in a box, on top of my wardrobe, since I picked them up for a song in Margate two summers ago.

Last week I bought a stamped metal bowl from Dotcomgiftshop and before you can say “contrived vignette” an odd little table display was born…

{all Decorator’s Notebook}

Don’t you just love it when a plan comes together?

Cute Christmas baking

21 Dec

For me, interiors blogs and food blogs go hand in hand – I find I’m equally inspired by beautifully styled dishes as beautifully styled tables. Air Kiss is my latest culinary discovery, and has all the ingredients needed to become a firm favourite: airy photography, pretty food styling and a focus on seasonal produce.

These gingerbread cupcakes are just too cute to resist and would make lovely last-minute Christmas presents for friends.

{all Lara Sheleheda / Air Kiss}

Lara used a recipe from Martha’s book for her cupcakes but you could try this one instead (it has metric quantities) and top with mini gingerbread men adapted from this one.

Head over to Air Kiss to discover more tempting ideas!

Dreamy Whites (and a little bit of green)

19 Dec

I love the Dreamy Whites blog – if you’re into restful interiors with a relaxed, country feel I’m sure you will too. It’s packed with beautiful photography and inspiring styling tricks all year round but at Christmas, it’s full of simple ideas to introduce little festive touches throughout your home.

{all Dreamy Whites}

I’m a great believer that Christmas decorations don’t have to be over the top to create a special atmosphere. These ideas are so easy that you could add them without any fuss – a bunch of eucalyptus here, a length of red and white ribbon there – and after the big day there’s not loads of packing up to do.

Are subtle decorations like this enough to get you in the Christmas spirit, or do you see this as your chance to indulge in all the tinsel and sparkle you can lay your hands on? I’d love to know!

G is for Garlands

9 Dec

Traditional festive garlands made from foliage and berries are lovely, especially with a few scented cinnamon sticks and dried oranges added in. But this year I’ve been pinning all sorts of innovative contemporary garlands onto my Christmas board…

{Rosaliga via Pinterest}

{House to Home via Pinterest}

{Bookity via Pinterest}

{Cake via Pinterest}

{Palimpsestic via Pinterest}

Don’t forget, you’ll find loads more Christmas decorating and crafting ideas by following Decorator’s Notebook on Pinterest. Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Deepest, darkest grey

2 Nov

I am obsessed by this deepest, darkest grey at the moment and debating where in Le Flat I can paint it. It’s one of those brilliant colours that’s nothing on its own. But mix it with a bright pink, soft heather, bold yellow or burnt orange and it suddenly blazes into life…

{Tara Donne via 79 Ideas}

The gorgeous combination of fresh mint, lavender and flame coloured dahlias has my vote too. Simply beautiful.

D is for Dominoes

28 Oct

I have a handful of lovely vintage dominoes bought on a weekend visit to my friend‘s flat in Margate* last summer. They’re sitting in a box in the top of my wardrobe waiting for me to come up with a clever styling idea for them. Here are a few snippets of inspiration from my travels around the Pinnersphere

{Elodie Rambaud via Pinterest}

{Etsy via Pinterest}

{Me & Alice via Pinterest}

* talking of Margate, I ordered Strangeland by Tracey Emin this week – anyone read it?

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