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Surprisingly fabulous Frome!

2 Sep

I have to admit to being a tad depressed this weekend as my brocanting chums began posting photos of heaps of vintage wonderment at this year’s Braderie de Lille. However, on Sunday I picked myself up, wound on my scarf (it was the 1st of September after all) and drove over to Frome where the monthly Super Market was in full swing.

Now, growing up a Westcountry girl, it has to be said that Frome used to have a reputation as, well, a bit of a dive. Recently though, I keep hearing people I know to have impeccable taste talking about Frome wherever I turn, so it was high time I cast my preconceptions aside and checked out the transformation for myself.

And I am so glad I did!

Frome flea vintage market

vintage stall at Frome Flea market

vintage enamel Frome flea market

vintage telephone and kitchen storage jars Frome Flea

vintage antiques From Flea market Somerset

Frome Super Market is actually six mini markets wrapped up into one on the first Sunday of each month. I’m afraid I was dashing around so excitedly that I was overcome by a huge case of #bloggerfail and didn’t take any pictures of much beyond the first few stalls of the Frome Flea, but you’ll have to trust me that the Artisan Market and Farmer’s Market were also brimming with creative and tasty wares. While some towns might’ve been tempted to eek out all their events over the course of the month, the stroke of brilliance here is that instead they all happen on the same day with the whole town centre overtaken with stalls, live music and special Sunday opening of the many independent shops so there’s a definite festival atmosphere in the air.

Talking of shops…

St Catherines Hill shops Frome

{all Decorator’s Notebook}

The cobbled streets around St Catherine’s Hill have gained a reputation as Frome’s artisan quarter and drawn a wonderful array of independent vintage and craft shops with hipster levels to rival the coolest parts of Shoreditch (and thankfully much higher friendliness levels too). I didn’t have time to visit everyone, but here are some highlights from my first visit.

Frome’s Top Shops…

Make & Mend Vintage: a beautifully curated and displayed vintage clothing boutique with everything from ’30s crepe flapper dresses to lace wedding gowns. The colour blocked rails are especially pleasing.

Assembly: an intriguing mix of men’s clothing and homeware… although as a girl who loves utilitarian style, the Welsh floor rugs and Duralex glasses could have easily found their way home with me.

Owl: a contemporary art gallery run by six artists working in paint, ceramics, wire, felt, glass and printmaking. Gladys Paulus’s stunning sculpted felt animal headdresses have to be seen to be believed.

Millie Moon: haberdashery heaven – this gorgeous little shop will make you want to fill your pockets with buttons and ribbon and instantly dust off your sewing machine.

Seed: between the Frome Flea and St Catherine’s Hill, Black Swan Arts Centre is home to this lovely collection of work by British designer makers. If you’re into handmade jewellery, you’ll definitely want to stop here.

Have you been to Frome recently too? If so please do jump into the comments and let me know what I’ve forgotten or missed. I’m already looking forward to a return visit – can’t believe the transformation of this creative little town!

Friday, I’m in love…

4 Nov

… with this lovely print by Double Merrick, now available at the Keep Calm Gallery. Who says nautical is only for summertime?

… trends that will never die – if you’re an antler fan check out this new stag cushion

… this twit twoo-tiful wallpaper design by interiors stylist Abigail Edwards

… this oh so pretty vintage frock in soft jade and powder pink

Bon weekend!

Vintage Womble to Wimbledon

22 Aug

Yesterday my friend and I set off for Wimbledon Greyhound Track at the crack of dawn. She took a car boot full of junk to sell, while I took an extra pair of hands and an eye for a bargain.

It’s not the most high-class of London car boot sales, but I still came away with a modest stash of goodies (and a spot of sunburn) to add to my collection of vintage tat.

This is my favourite buy – I’ve got a few old pharmaceutical bottles but I especially liked this one’s gold label. There was also a battered luggage tag inside, with an intriguing inscription in wobbly handwriting…

It says “Quin Sulph bottle. In use at Bartlett & Goodall, Crawford St, Marylebone until about 1960. Bought for Mr Horne. See photograph.” And in different writing on the back “There was a Dr Bartlett living in upper rooms of the same house about 1810”. I hope Mr Horne’s not too upset about me buying his bottle for £2.50.

I couldn’t walk past this pretty embroidered tablecloth. The date on the hem – 26/4/53 is a sweet touch. It’s sad to think that the lady who embroidered it went to all that effort for it to end up in a car boot sale for 50p. I’ve vowed to use it and appreciate it again to make it worth her trouble.

These are a bit of a cheat as my friend had a stack of them on her stall to sell and she let me pinch a few. They’re meant to be coasters but I like the illustrations, so will probably stick them up somewhere… one day.

{all Decorator’s Notebook}

Nobody had bought this lovely deckchair stripe sundress by the end of the sale either. It fitted me perfectly so I decided it would be only right to rescue it from the charity shop.

I bought another frameless mirror too as I plan one day to do something like this in my living room, but I couldn’t take a photo of it without getting my face in it – having got up at 5.30 this morning it wasn’t a pretty sight!

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