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House Tour: relaxed loft living in Philadelphia

18 Apr


I’m not really into fashion blogs, especially ones attached to commercial brands, but despite being both of those things there’s something lovely about The Free People. The mix of fashion and beauty mixed with horoscopes and expert hula-hooping tips is kind of offbeat and charming… in a too-cool-for-school American way.

Anyway, the owner of this welcoming loft apartment is the company’s graphic designer. I’ve always fancied a warehouse home one day (I love the high wooden ceilings and exposed brick) and this mix-and-matchy decorating style is perfect for the space.




I’m not sure I would’ve been clever enough to add deep red furniture to a room with so much brick, but actually I think it works beautifully, creating a comfortable and ever so slightly seedy vibe. In a bohemian French way I mean.


loft mezzanine bedroom


You might expect an apartment like this to have a pokey internal bathroom built into a corner somewhere but this bright white bathroom is a most pleasant surprise.




bedroom-mirror-reflection{all Brigette for The Free People blog}

There are a few more snaps of this apartment over on The Free People blog – I recommend you have a browse of their other posts and see what you think. Although you might want to wait until Coachella’s over. Yaaaawn.


House Tour: inside a Victorian collector’s cottage

10 Oct

Ok, it’s the cottage that’s actually Victorian, but peep inside this antiquey Australian home and you’d be forgiven for thinking the owner hailed from a bygone era too!

Amazing huh? Although the cottage has been standing since 1836 when it was built for the local blacksmith, current owner Deb Kavaliunas has only been living there for a year. The items inside it however are the product of a lifetime of collecting, foraging and gathering. This wonderful display of apothecary jars makes my own collection look pretty pathetic!

I have to be honest with you and say these cabinets of curiosities awaken my inner dust phobic but it’s the kind of place I would love to visit and there are so many lovely antiques I would stuff under my jumper in a heartbeat. I’m already developing a penchant for battered toys (remember my wooden toy horse) so those teeny dolls’ house chairs and little boats are calling me.

{Photographs Sharyn Cairns / Styling Heather Nette King via Homelife}

So, charmingly curious or challengingly cluttered? For me, I love it to look at but couldn’t live here myself – an edited version would be just perfect for me.

And if you’re as blown away by Sharyn Cairns’ atmospheric photography as I am you should definitely check out this elegantly faded home from my house tour archive.

French beauty: le dans la

25 Jul

The most beautiful photographs. The most beautiful home. The most beautiful blog.

le dans la

Sometimes you don’t need to know anything else – simply browse, follow and add it to your blogroll.

{all le dans la}

Le dans la is written in French but don’t let that put you off – this is a blog where pictures definitely speak louder than words. If this tiny snippet has whetted your appetite, there’s a whole blog full of beauty waiting for you here. I hope you like it!

Inside an elegantly faded home

14 May

The owner of this house may call herself Plain Jane, but her rustic cottage is anything but. It’s located in New South Wales in Australia and belongs to stylist Jane Frosh, husband Michael and their three children. I love the relaxed vibe and understated displays of vintage treasures and thought you might like a peek too.

{Sharyn Cairns via Homelife}

I’m a big fan of the muted colour palette in this house and (Union Jacks and Keep Calm cushions aside) I love almost everything in it. You can tell the owner has styled the rooms, but you still feel that if you visited you’d feel at ease here. If you’re a fan too, there are a few more of Sharyn Cairns‘ atmospheric pictures here.

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