Can you tell what it is yet?

28 Sep

I’ve always been an arty sort of girl.

When I was growing up I’d bounce in from school with a new ‘masterpiece’ several times a week. My parents dutifully Blu-Tacked the latest offering to the kitchen wall where it would inevitably shed painted lentils and pasta shapes all over the lino to be hoovered up by the family dog or (I suspect) my little brother.

Thankfully, I don’t have to worry about this problem in my own home just yet, but I have plenty of friends with budding artists scampering about. So for them, I thought I’d share this tastefully curated family home.

I love this black lacquered floor and crisp white RAR rocker combo. The headless doll? Not so much.

I’ve never understood the trend for wishy washy pale blues and pinks for kid’s bedrooms. White + brights looks so much more fun!

By dedicating a special area to the kids’ latest crafts and drawings, Nancy and Laas have stopped them spilling into other areas. Hang a ribbon with a certain number of pegs and replace older things with the newer ones when the line gets full.

{Donna Griffith via Covet Garden}

I love how this home feels playful without being too childish. By presenting children’s artwork just as they would ‘the real thing’  Nancy and Laas have made it look special – without a dog-eared corner or stray pasta bow in sight.

There’s more of this colourful home here and if you have kids you should also visit this new vlog to follow one stylist’s quest to leave oh-so-tasteful grey behind and give her new family home a vibrant makeover.

3 Responses to “Can you tell what it is yet?”

  1. Growing Spaces October 5, 2011 at 21:00 #

    Love it, though surely the weird dolls in the living room are enough to give any child (or adult for that matter) nightmares?


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