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Eat. Sleep. Pin.

30 Jan

Just in case there’s anyone out there who’s missing out on the gorgeousness of Decorator’s Notebook’s Pinterest boards, here’s a quick reminder…

eat sleep pin {via Pinterest}

If you’re there too leave a comment with your username and we can all pin and party together!

Z is for Zinc

28 Sep

Wow, can you believe we actually made it! When I kicked off this series in September last year with A is for Aran we Pinterest fans were in the vanguard. Now it’s the third largest social network in the world and there are more than 20 million of us pinning and re-pinning like crazy people. I wonder how long it will be until ‘repin’ makes it into the Oxford English Dictionary!

So finally, ladies and gentlemen…

Z is for Zinc

{via Svenngården via my Pinterest boards}

{G-Style via my Pinterest boards}

{Salted & Styled via my Pinterest boards}

{via Grange de Charme via my Pinterest boards}

{Dreamy Whites via my Pinterest boards}

I’m going to miss this little Pinterest A-Z series and I hope you’ve enjoyed it and found some inspiration for your own Pinterest boards along the way – you can review the whole series here.

Thankfully my Pinterest obsession doesn’t stop here so why not follow Decorator’s Notebook’s boards for daily ideas, inspiration and visual loveliness?

Have a wonderful weekend!

Y is for Yellow

14 Sep

I love yellow. I wear it all the time and I often think of introducing a golden accent to my predominantly grey and white home. I think the penultimate Pinterest A-Z might be just the push I need to introduce some sunshine into my life!

Y is for Yellow

{West Elm via my Pinterest boards}

{via Left My Heart In Paris via my Pinterest boards}

{via Le Voyage Créatif via my Pinterest boards}

{via Decorno via my Pinterest boards}

I love how such a little colour can go such a long way. Do you have any yellow in your home?

If you’re visiting or exhibiting at Top Drawer I’ll be there this Sunday… send me a tweet via @DecoratorsNotes and say hello!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

X is for kisses

31 Aug

Ok, I’m a dreadful cheat. But believe me, you wouldn’t have wanted xylophones and x-rays were less than inspiring!

So, I’m spreading a little love on the blog today instead – and that’s why…

X is for kisses

{Miranda July via my Pinterest boards}

{via First Date via my Pinterest boards}

{via Lessons in Detail via my Pinterest boards}

{Alfred Eisenstaedt via my Pinterest boards}

{Rachel E Foster via my Pinterest boards}

Lots of love and kisses,



W is for Windows

17 Aug

There aren’t many things that are unchangeable about a home. A new wall colour, different flooring, beautiful wallpaper and tasteful furniture can transform even the grottiest of rooms. Frankly, if that wasn’t the case, I’d be out of a job and Decorator’s Notebook would be a very boring place indeed!

But however hard you try, natural light is almost impossible to add or simulate, which is why it’s always top of my must-have list when choosing where I live. I’m lucky to have a big south-facing bay window in my living room which bathes everything in warm sunlight and always brings a smile to my face. My flat is a million miles from perfect, but I wouldn’t change that window for anything.

W is for Windows

{Pieter Estersohn via my Pinterest boards}

{House of Brinson via my Pinterest boards}

{Patrick Cline for Lonny via my Pinterest boards}

{Laura Resen via my Pinterest boards}

{via Life is Beautiful via my Pinterest boards}

Which of these beautiful rooms / windows is your favourite? Don’t forget to follow Decorator’s Notebook on Pinterest for even more decorating inspiration and ideas.

Have a fantastic weekend everyone!

Ps – The observant amongst you will probably have realised that my Pinterest A-Z reaches ‘X’ next time and are quietly sniggering at my folly. I have a back-up plan but if you have any bright suggestions please do let me know!

V is for Vignettes

3 Aug

This is a funny old term – photographically speaking, vignetting is a very particular technique, but in the world of interiors it’s come to refer to a close-up composition of objects, usually on a shelf or table. To be honest, what I’d prefer to call a straightforward detail shot. But for the purposes of this alphabetical series, we’re going for the more pretentious definition! And that’s why…

V is for Vignettes

{Louise Rastall via my Pinterest boards}

{via 79 ideas via my Pinterest boards}

{via Pretty Stuff via my Pinterest boards}

{via Berengia via my Pinterest boards}

{Holmberg via my Pinterest boards}

Remember to follow Decorator’s Notebook on Pinterest for a daily dose of design inspiration and general prettiness and if you’re on Twitter you’ll find me @DecoratorNotes.

Have a wonderful weekend one and all!

U is for Underage (aka kids’ bedroom ideas!)

20 Jul

Scraping the bottom of the alphabetical barrel perhaps, but I do think this is a really worthy subject for my Pinterest A-Z series because there are so many brilliant childrens’ rooms out there . Here’s my round-up of big ideas for making home a more exciting place for the little ones.

{via Jelanie via my Pinterest boards}

{via Drake General Store via my Pinterest boards}

{via La Maison d’Anna G via my Pinterest boards}

{via One Kings Lane via my Pinterest boards}

{via Pretty Little World via my Pinterest boards}

{via Transito Inicial via my Pinterest boards}

{via Apartment Therapy via my Pinterest boards}

{via Desire to Inspire via my Pinterest boards}

I think the last picture is my favourite – I love how grown-up vintage pieces and patterns have been used to create a pretty, cute look that will appeal to a young girl and her parents in equal measure!

Enjoy the forecast sun this weekend, about time too I say. And don’t forget to follow Decorator’s Notebook on Pinterest for daily decorating inspiration and visual loveliness.

Have a good one!

T is for Tea

6 Jul

Trust me, you don’t want to meet me until I’ve had a cup of tea in the morning. Especially on a Friday.

So let’s get on with it shall we?

{via Wit & Design via my Pinterest boards}

{Le Pétrin via my Pinterest boards}

{Selina Lake via my Pinterest boards}

{via 79 ideas via my Pinterest boards}

{Honey & Jam via my Pinterest boards}

Ah, that’s better!

S is for Snail Mail

15 Jun

When I was growing up, I had several pen friends and I think it’s a shame that children today are pretty unlikely to exchange letters with a friend overseas or from an old school. A text message, email or BBM just doesn’t have the excitement of a hand-decorated envelope with foreign stamps dropping through the letterbox, containing answers to questions asked weeks ago on pastel-coloured notepaper.

Aside from birthday cards and thank-you notes, I hardly ever write letters for fun anymore. Collecting the inspiring pins for today’s Pinterest A-Z reminds me how lovely it is receive something other than boring window envelopes in the post. And that’s why…

S is for Snail Mail

{Camilla Engman via my Pinterest boards}

{Hooray via my Pinterest boards}

{100 Layer Cake via my Pinterest boards}

{Creature Comforts via my Pinterest boards}

{via Sallies via my Pinterest boards}

{Sweet Paul via my Pinterest boards}

If you’ve been inspired to try making your own envelopes I think this DIY envelope tutorial at Poppytalk is the best – save different shapes and sizes when it’s your birthday and build up a stock of templates.

Come and follow Decorator’s Notebook on Pinterest for daily snippets from the world of interiors, crafting and general loveliness!

R is for Rustic

1 Jun

I can’t decide if ‘rustic’ is one of those annoying decorating adjectives that people splash about when they can’t think of a better way to describe a room that’s woody, natural, comfortably rough and beautifully worn.

However, after a loooong week and a glass or two of Pimms, I can’t think of a better word either so I’m afraid this collection of very lovely pins goes under this heading for the time being…

R is for Rustic

{Lopelilla via my Pinterest boards}

{via Sinnenrausch via my Pinterest boards}

{William Waldron via my Pinterest boards}

{Eldrids via my Pinterest boards}

{via Arbitrary Inclination via my Pinterest boards}

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Have a jubilicious long weekend everyone. I’m giving it every ounce of patriotism I’ve got and braving the hoards to watch the flotilla on the Thames. If you’re there too, give me a wave… I’ll be the one wearing red, white and blue :-)

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